Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Every time I use white paper to draw a picture. This time when I decided to draw a fish, from the book "Lifelike drawing in colored pencil with Lee Hammond" I wanted to use a color paper since the background of a picture of the book was in dark green. But I had only light green paper with me and started drawing. It came out well as I expected.

When I finished this drawing I was so happy because it came out well as it is in the book, "Lifelike drawing in colored pencil with Lee Hammond". I used the techniques, the author explained in that book.

I used some of the techniques read from the book "Lifelike drawing in colored pencil with Lee Hammont" to draw this. But I captured the model from a newspaper.

From childhood onwards I used to draw micky mouse and Donald duck. I feel quite easy to draw these.

I got a book named "Lifelike drawing in colored pencil with Lee Hammond" from the library. When I saw the drawing in that book I was impressed very much. But I was worrying how I am going to draw the trees. Somewhat I managed to draw the plants in front of the house similar to the book, but trees as usual not came out well as it is in the book. Still trying to draw trees.

I used color pencil for this drawing. Some what I managed to draw grass, but still the plant is not ok for me.

I find difficult to draw the plants and trees, they didn't come out as I expected. Still learning to draw plants and trees. I think this drawing will be more perfect if I would have used color pencil instead of oil pastels.

This simple scenery was drawn using oil pastel.

I used oil pastels to draw this picture and is drawn in a thermocol sheet.

I have displayed all my drawing trials in this blog. I used color pencils for most of the drawings and some of the drawings are in oil pastels.